FPS Payment

FPS payment is now available  轉數快付款

From now on, customers can made payment by FPS transfer 



FPS QR Code 

Please capture a screenshot of payment and send to us for reference

戸付款成功後,請拍下畫面並 轉發 給我們作付款證明 

Procedures for making payment  (戸付款歩驟  - 歩驟用 匯豐網上銀行為例) 

*不同的網上銀行平台可能有不同的程序 (This process may vary depending on your e banking services)

1. Login to Online banking account 登入你的網上銀行賬戶

2. Select "Scan FPS QR code" function 選擇"轉數快掃描"二維碼功能

3. Scan the SFA QR code 掃描SFA Ltd 提供的二維碼

4. Enter your Invoice Amount  輸入交易金額

5. Enter your customer code or invoice number as Transaction Message 請輸入客戶或發票號碼為交易訊息

6. Press to Confirm 並按「確認」付款 

7. Authenticate your payment 透過密碼或 Touch ID/Face ID 授權付款 

8. Payment Completed 成功付款

9. Capture a screenshot of payment and send to us for record 請拍下畫面並轉發給我們作付款證明 

*顧客完成銀行轉賬後,請拍下截圖並轉發給我們作付款證明 ,我們會盡快核實處理訂單  

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