The world's biggest Sake competition, International Wine Challenge Sake 2018



International Wine Challenge:

Founded in 1984 in London, The International Wine Challenge Sake (IWC Sake) announced the winner of its Champion Sake on 10Jul2018. 

The announcement comes after 4 days blind tasting at Yamagata Prefecture in Japan.


The 35th International Wine Challenge (IWC)  -  announced its 2018 Champion Sake goes to : 


 Mr George Yusa, the 19th generation of Okunomatsu Sake Brewery 


Champion Sake 2018 - Okunomatsu Adatara Ginjo 奧之松あだたら吟釀

Brewery : Okunomatsu Sake Brewery

Origin : Fukushima Prefecture

Main Rice : Japanese Rice

Polishing Rate 60%, Alochol Level 15%

Serving : Chill & Room Temperature