New Arrival 2021 - Fujii Shuzou 藤井酒造 - The great sake of Hiroshima



Since : Year 1863 (Edo Period)

Fujii Shuzou is an exclusive junmai brewery, meaning they produce junmai-shu and nothing else, using rice and rice koji only to brew sake

Traditional techniques which have been used since Japanese sake-making began.

Located in Takehara-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Fujiishuzou Co Ltd is now run by the FUJII, Yoshifumi  5th generation

Toji (master sake brewer) FUJII, Masao. Use only sake rice for brewing 

Ryusei Product Line: 

龍勢 和みの辛口 特別純米 Ryusei Nagomi Karakuchi Tokubetsu Junmai : Made using Kyokai yeast No. 6, giving a mild rice aroma. On the palate it gives a beautiful rice umami followed by a dry finish. Perfect to enjoy with food. Goes well by serving chill or warm. Tasting savoury and mellow, Polishing Ratio:  60%, Sake Meter Value: +9, Acidity: 1.7

龍勢 桃紅 純米吟釀生原酒 Ryusei Pink Label Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu : A seasonal namazake that is only available in spring. Fragrant and elegant on the nose, followed by a juicy and refreshing palate. Polishing Ratio:  60%, Sake Meter Value: +5, Acidity: 1.9

龍勢 生酛純米大吟釀 丑年限定版 Ryusei Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo Year of Ox Edition : Specially made junmai daiginjo and only available in 2021 (Year of Ox). Made from traditional kimoto method. The label is designed by the talent maishoka (dance & calligraphy performer), Chad.. Tasting savoury and mellow, Polishing Ratio:  50%, Sake Meter Value: +7, Acidity: 2.3

龍勢 畫龍點睛 純米大吟釀 Ryusei Garyo Tensei Junmai Daiginjo : A premium sake which brings the mellowness of Omachi rice together with the traditional kimoto method, displaying a complex flavour and a lingering finish. Tasting fragrant and elegant, Polishing Ratio:  40%, Sake Meter Value: +11, Acidity: 2.1

The brewery came upon the kimoto-zukuri method, the oldest technique in sake brewing.

Sake is not made by man; it is nurtured by nature - this is their philosophy.  

仕込水 Water Use river-bed water from the upstream of River Kamogawa (Hardness: 49mg/L) and underground water (Hardness: 19mg/L) from Takehara area. Soft water is used, resulting in a rounded texture. 

古法生酛釀造 By cultivating natural lactic acid bacteria (Kimoto method), resulting in mellow texture that is perfect to enjoy with food.

具有生命力的純米酒 Bring out the umami (savouriness) of rice and crisp texture by complete fermentation.

只釀造純米酒的「全量純米藏」Brew the natural junmai sake by using only rice, rice koji and water. 



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